Jaara Jaara Seasons CD



  1. Dryground – January/February

Bush is tinder dry. Cicadas, tree frogs and parrots define their territory. Ancient voices emerge from Jaara Jaara woodland. Elders are here to remind us to care for country together.


2. Eel – March

Symphony of underwater creatures recorded with hydrophone in the dam. Water tank is empty – an enormous drum.


3. Wombat – April/May/June/July

Owlet nightjar shelters from torrential rain. Winter nostalgia in lamplight and fire, thinking of home – Ireland, Australia and China. Magpies reflect. Deafening frogs flushed out early from heavy rain.


4. Orchid – August

Exquisite tiny orchids appear one after another. Golden wattles explode the bush.


5. Tadpole – September/October

Dams full of wildlife. Pobblebonk frogs polyphony calling from pond to pond. Kookaburras announce the last wattles and chocolate lilies. Bonfire celebrating the end of cold.


6. Butterflies – November

Grasses start to flower. Butterflies flutter in the warm air. Bird chorus accompanies. Dragonflies dart.


7. Grass – December

Brittle grasses, cicadas and skinks in hot breezes. Orion strung in the sky. Yellow-tailed black cockatoos predict thunder. Corellas pierce the setting sun.


Jaara Jaara Seasons CD was launched Nov 3, 2013 in Jaara Jaara bushland, Central Victoria.

Performance program

Jaara Jaara program 281013final copy

Mail order available. Can be purchased for $25 including postage through Contact Page of this website.

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