Jaara Jaara Seasons – surround sound performance & CD launch

Sunday November 3rd 2013, 4pm, Fryerstown, Central Victoria Free Public Event (Meet at Fryerstown School, 5 Camp Street at 3:30pm to walk to bush site)

Welcome to Country – Rick Nelson, Kinja – Ron Murray & Sarah James

Musicians – Mary Doumany – Harp/Voice, Wang Zheng Ting – Sheng, Le Tuan Hung – Dan Tranh, Ros Bandt – Tarhu/Psaltery/Flutes

Jim Atkins – Sound Engineer

Thanks in ochreThanks you to everyone who made this such a spell binding day. Thanks to the funders, and all the volunteers and to the audience who never left a trace. Thanks to the neighbours for not flying planes overhead or engaging with any other sonic weeds so we could have this pristine day. Ros

Castlemaine & District Festival of Gardens

Paris  May 27 2013  Son Et Ecologie Conference Universitaire 8

Bandt, Ros Artifice and Integration as design considerations in creating site specific sounding environments, Floating Glass in the art gallery and the Jaara Jaara bush  projects compared.

An international paper was given in Paris in May discussing  this yearlong  bush sound lab and digital sanctuary  contrasting the policy of integration and uncovering, with the immersive environments constructed in the art gallery.  Paper is published on line and available here in PDF in French. Videos are available from the links or on this site.

Paris Paper PDF available on line

Scroll down First day afternoon session Paper session Towards an ecomusicology, 16.80 pm.

The Currency of Birdsong: Sunday 9th June 2013, 11am – 5pm at Cooroora Institute at 780 Cooroy Belli Creek Rd, Black Mountain, Queensland 4563 Australia

Cooroora Institute: Sharing the song of the earth through creative practice. A creative investigation of the currency of birdsong, presented through talks, workshops, demonstrations, activities, concert, artistic research, exhibition, and catalogue. What if we used wild birdsong as an indicator of success and status? Instead of asking about jobs or money, we might ask of any process: “yes, but does it produce birdsong?” The currency of birdsong would be seasonal, diverse, and biogeographic; bird habitats would be more important than banks; value would be tied to the ritual of everyday’s dawning and twilight; outside life connected to local places. (

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