Nov 3 Premiere Performance of Jaara Jaara Seasons and CD Launch

IMG_6043  jaaraseasons1

People gathering in the bush for  CD launch of Jaara Jaara Seasons


Go to Jaara Jaara Seasons CD page at the top to listen to samples.

jaaraseasons2 welcome

Welcome ceremony: celebrating a year of box-ironbark country

Eire in raincoat-40

violin rickphoto-28

photo copy

Audience (approx. 250 people) wander between listening points where musicians contact each other through the surround sound set up and the composed  bush sounds. Finding and being in Jaara habitat. Sensing the place.

About rosbandt

Dr Ros Bandt is an internationally acclaimed sound artist, composer and sound researcher. She has been the recipient of many international awards grants and commissions for her pioneering work in interactive sound sculptures, installations, sonic archeologies, sound playgrounds and spatial music systems. The Studio of Akustische Kunst WDR, Radio ORF, Transit, ABC have commissioned her original music, and her works are published by New Albion, Wergo, EMI, AMC, Allans Music, Currrency Press, Move Records, Pozitif, Sonic Gallery. She has won the Don Banks Composers award, the highest honour to an Australian Composer and the Sound Art Australia Prize. She has performed at the Paris Autumn Festival, the International Society for Contemporary Music, Warsaw and Bucharest, the Asian Arts Festival Hong Kong, throughout Europe, the U.K., Canada and the USA. In 2010-11 she was based in Greece collaborating with sound artists in Switzerland, Greece, Germany and Turkey. Her sound research is based at the Australian Centre, the University of Melbourne where she is the director of the Australian Sound Design Project, a nationwide online multi-media gallery, data base and research facility dedicated to the study of sound design in public space in Australia. This is a cross disciplinary study which crosses the boundaries of art practice and research in new ways. It is funded by an ARC grant from the Australian Government and the Australia Council, the national arts funding body Published writings on sound include 3 books, Hearing Places, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009 and Sound sculpture: intersections in sound and sculpture in Australian Artworks, Thames and Hudson, 2001, encyclopaedic entries, and numerous articles. See CV She is currently investigating the box ironbark woodlands in Central Victoria as a year long acoustic sanctuary funded by the Australia Council during 2013.
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