5 Faces of Medea – European premiere

Medea_Einladung copy 2

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Raptor 6 channel commissioned work Listen N USA

ListenN Symposium: Concert Program

October 17, ASU Art Museum, Arizona, USA

Ros Bandt: Raptor (2014)

Raptor is an investigation of the flight of the Acquilla Chrysaetos, the Golden eagle taking us over the Joshua Tree Biosphere where it was recorded, to Beaver Creek. The granulated eagle calls are stretched to represent the psycho perceptual orientation of the eagle, solitary, looking down over the land. The harmonic drones of the bowed tarhu within this sound field position the eagle’s eye, creating a moving point through which we can share the dynamic movements through these spaces as it rides and tips the relationship between the planes of the dihedral angles intrinsic to its flight. The slow strength, power and control of these magnificent birds can defy our aerodynamic understanding as they sculpt the biosphere. Length 15 minutes. Thanks to Jim Atkins.


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AN ACOUSTIC SANCTUARY on line, in the air, on the ground. Listening to bush breezes still singing Jaara Jaara country – a wonderful year

aeoilian breezes singingCatching the Jaara Jaara windsongs on the breezes. Aunty Alice Kelly said the sounds the harps trapped reached wayback back to the dreamtime bringing us all in together.  So glad they are singing again.They now have a home defining listening at  the acoustic sanctuary.

Every time I listen in I feel the power of listening to country.

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Nov 3 Premiere Performance of Jaara Jaara Seasons and CD Launch

IMG_6043  jaaraseasons1

People gathering in the bush for  CD launch of Jaara Jaara Seasons


Go to Jaara Jaara Seasons CD page at the top to listen to samples.

jaaraseasons2 welcome

Welcome ceremony: celebrating a year of box-ironbark country

Eire in raincoat-40

violin rickphoto-28

photo copy

Audience (approx. 250 people) wander between listening points where musicians contact each other through the surround sound set up and the composed  bush sounds. Finding and being in Jaara habitat. Sensing the place.


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Jaara Jaara seasons rehearsal

rehearsal intsructionsDSC_5667Last checks before the performance with Ros, composer and Jim, sound engineer.

Jim Atkins Sound engineer IMG_5399Jim Atkins,  the surround sound maverick who installed the 6  channel surround sound immersive environment through 55 acres of bush, including the  live feed from the hydrophone in the middle dam so we could hear the underwater sounds through the speakers as people arrived at the site. Air sounds and underwater sounds.

DSC_0075Musicians off  into the bush to find their speaker listening stations and test the radio mikes. Arthur and Minako facilitating.



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Wind Harps in Jaara Jaara Country



A treasured moment. Listening to the wind in the harps together tuning to the world.

Trio sarah harpsphoto-26 ros and ron harpsphoto-31 Rick and ron at the harps39

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Wind harps detail

wind harps detail

These harps have been composed and recorded in several major works, Mungo in Sonic Archeology CD Move Records, Blue Gold CD  Hearing Places, and now JaaraJaara Seasons CD Available  www.hearingplaces.com


Refurbished. oiled, strung and singing

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